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Regional Plan

Photo from Glen Newton

The Northern Gulf NRM Plan is a compilation of local solutions developed by local people.
  • Plan Preparation: Graziers, farmers, fishermen, miners, traditional owners, tourism operators, conservationists, local government and scientists worked together to formulate a plan for natural resource management that secures the health of our economy, society and environment for future generations.
  • Purpose: The Northern Gulf  NRM Plan identifies the current condition, threats and responses of the region's natural resources and suggests ways in which government and communities can act to ensure the long term sustainability of resources.
  • Focus: The Northern Gulf NRM Plan's focus includes land management, biodiversity conservation, water quality and management, coastal and marine management, indigenous management and community capacity.

The Australian Government released their business plan for the Caring for our Country initiative in late 2008. In the plan, the Australian Government committed to provide regional NRM organisations, like the Northern Gulf Resource Management Group, with secure base-level funding for 2008-2013 to achieve Caring for our Country targets within their regions.

As part of this commitment, regional NRM organisations are required to provide investment proposals (called Regional Investment Strategies) that deliver on these targets through the business plan. Additional Caring for our Country funding, above the secure base-level funding allocation, to achieve further targets can also be sought through competitive project submissions.

The Northern Gulf Regional Investment Strategy – serves as an addendum to the Northern Gulf Regional NRM Plan 2008. It provides specific actions, costs and timeframes to implement this plan and deliver the national priorities and targets, thus protecting the region’s critical assets and the services they provide.



The new Northern Gulf Regional NRM Plan 2013

The NGRMG have received a commitment under the Australian Government's Regional Natural Resource Management Planning for Climate Change initiative for funding to update the Regional NRM Plan to guide planning for Climate Change impacts and Carbon Farming opportunities.

In preparation for the Plan update the NGRMG conducted an operational workshop at the beginning of 2013. This workshop and report reviews the current Regional NRM Plan and the alignment of it's targets with Government Priorities along with identifying possible new projects and programmes. This work has provided an excellent foundation for the update of the Northern Gulf Regional NRM Plan and the report can be downloaded here.


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