ANGIC is a leader in recording traditional knowledge across the Savannah region.

The Alliance of the Northern Gulf Indigenous Corporation (ANGIC) Traditional Owner board are representatives of Tagalaka, Kurtijar, Ewamian, Djungan, Barbarrum and Western Yalanji. These traditional owner groups are from across the Northern Gulf Savannah region. The core business of the ANGIC is to record traditional knowledge from Elders who possess the old knowledge and who can remember country, song, dances, stories and dreaming place. Many of our old people carry this knowledge with them when they pass on. ANGIC seek to record this knowledge for future generations.

The collection of this knowledge is the responsibility of those appointed by their language group and is assisted by staff of the ANGIC to record this by Digital cameras, GPS, Videos and is entered on to a data base system in the ANGIC office in Dimbulah Q. Each Cultural Recording Officer transfer data from the field trips to Lap top computer that is assigned to each of the CROs. Data is constantly backed up as a security precaution. Strict protocol are put in place and must be adhered to when traveling on or collecting knowledge form other traditional owners lands.Permission from other landowners must be sought before entering lease or free hold lands.

Traditional Owners and Clan Groups