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                                                International Day of Rural Women at De Bruey’s Boutique Winery,
Mareeba on the 15th October

We are proud supports of the Australian Year of the Farmer


Caring for Future Generations
Caring for Country
Caring for Sea

Who are we?

The Northern Gulf Resource Management Group Ltd (NGRMG) is a not-for-profit community based company made up of skilled local people with energy, cooperating to make sure our region has a healthy environment, society, culture and economy.

As the designated Regional NRM Body for the region we administer and manage projects funded by the Federal Governments Caring for our Country programme and State Governments Q2 Coasts and Country programme. We access these funds via a competitive process to implement natural resource management projects in the Northern Gulf.

We strive to;

•    To be a voice for the Northern Gulf community
•    To act as a conduit between community and all levels of government
•    Build quality relationships and partnerships with all groups, stakeholders including Government, Science, educational institutions, industry, Indigenous, Environmental and Tourism groups.
•    Attract new partnerships and potential investors to bring prosperity to our region
•    Empower our community and build resilience
•    To seek any funding that we feel will be of benefit to the community
•    Support our local schools and other educational institutions.
•    Connect community with science and the natural environment
•    Support Indigenous people in getting back on country and preserving knowledge
•    Assist land managers affected by the floods in 2009 in rebuilding their enterprises as well as assessing and managing the recovery of the environment.

Local solutions developed by local people

Why not check out our community information paper for a summary of some of our current and previous work or our more detailed Regional NRM Plan for an outline of where we’re going and how we hope to get there. Read more

The gulf savanna and its people

The Gulf Savannah region is a compellingly beautiful, resource-rich part of the Australian outback that includes the vast outwash plains of the Gulf of Carpentaria to the West of the Great Dividing Range. This is a country steeped in history, of real outback characters, mateship, remote bush towns and wild tales blended with a rich indigenous culture.

A Resource rich country

The experiences and vistas of this country instil a sense of opportunity and optimism in anyone who lives or visits here. The massive rivers of this region begin their journey in World Heritage rainforest and forest escarpments in the east, meander through spectacular gorges, rich grasslands of the tropical savannahs, over extensive floodplains to end their journey in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Nearly a quarter of the nation’s runoff feeds the Gulf of Carpentaria, which in turn, supports an abundant harvest of prawns and other seafood that feeds the nation. Extensive isolated tracts house a magnitude of unique flora and fauna, many of which, as scientists are still discovering, are new to science.  

Sustainable management for future generations

These rich landscapes are Australia’s untapped reserves — our ‘environmental savings for a rainy day’ — and may be drawn upon heavily in the future to help our nation adapt to the impacts of climate change. It is the responsibility of all Australians, especially the residents of the region, to ensure that this area is managed and developed in a way that does not deplete our ‘environmental bank balance’. We need to care for this region’s country, coasts and seas, for now and for our future generations.

Community networking services

NGRMG proudly supports the northern gulf region community by offer a number  of news and  networking services.

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